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Preliminary Information Form

Preliminary Information Form - Christar Canada

Preliminary Information

Completion of this form gives consent to Christar to use the submitted information for assessment of ministry readiness and guidance for ministry opportunities. Husbands and wives need to complete separate forms.
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Personal Information

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If applicable, name of your spouse or fiancée (first and last name)

Guided by biblical principles, Christar considers candidates who have been divorced, or divorced and remarried on a case-by-case basis. Please check either that apply:

Christar Connection

To which least-reached group do you sense God directing you?

List the country or specific people group you are interested in

What type of ministry are you interested in?

At this time, how long would you like to serve?

If Christar is a good fit for you, when would you like to begin ministry?

How did you hear about Christar?

Church Background

What is the name of your church?

City and Province

Pastor's Full Name

May we contact your pastor?

How would you describe your church background?

Christian Experience

Tell how you came to know Jesus as your Savior and Lord. (1000 characters maximum).

How have you been involved in ministry through your local church, campus ministry or other Christian organizations? (1000 characters maximum).

How have you experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in your life? (1000 characters maximum).

How have you seen God use these gifts in your service to others? (1000 characters maximum).

How has God led you towards cross cultural service? (1000 characters maximum).

Christian Beliefs

Please read the Christar Statement of Faith. Do you find yourself in agreement with our statement?

Can a truly saved person lose his or her salvation?

When should someone be baptized?

Any other comments or questions for us? (1000 characters maximum).